Thursday, July 30, 2015


After we received our LOA, we were able to request another update on Evie.  We got a new video, 4 new pictures, and answers to 5 questions.
1.  What name does she answer to?  Does she have any nicknames?  (I'm not sure we can share her Chinese name publicly yet, but we did get an answer)
2. Updated measurements including foot length.
    A: Head circumference - 44cm (17 in.) // Chest circumference - 45cm (17in.) // Height - 81 cm (31.8in.) // Weight - 9.5 kg (20.9lbs) // Foot length - 12cm (4.72in.)
    --She's very tiny for her age!
3. Does she take a bottle when she goes to bed?
     A: "She takes a bottle when she goes to bed at night."
4. How does she like to be comforted when she is upset?
    A: "When she is upset, her caregivers hug her or interact with her.  She would be happy soon."
5. Did she have a note with her when she was found?
    A: "No, there wasn't a note with her when she was found."

Now that we're closer to travel, I can start buying her shoes!!  I haven't bought any for her (ok...maybe one or two pair that I know she'll grow into) because I've been holding out for an updated foot measurement.
We bought pretty much everything we need for her when we go pick her up, and I already have it all packed into her suitcase!
Someone is reaching for the suckers. :)

We should be receiving our I-800 approval tomorrow.  It's hard knowing that we could technically travel some time in September, but we have no choice but to wait until October.  I know it's all in God's timing, though.  We will get her exactly on time.

Now for the new pictures.  There is no possible way this child could be any cuter than what she already is.  She just takes my breath away with her beauty!

That smile though :)

I love you so much, sweet girl!  We'll be there soon!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Letter Of Approval!!!!

We received our LOA, so we can finally share a picture of our sweet daughter's face here on the blog!!!!
Here she is!!

Our sweet Evangeline!

We received our LOA (letter of approval) on Tuesday, 7/14.  We got an email on the Wednesday before (7/8) that we were out of translation and in review.  Monday, 7/13, we received an email that our dossier status had been moved to "matched".  One day later is when we got word that they issued our LOA.  Today, Wed. 7/15, we got a call from our case worker, telling us that she received the hard copy of our LOA at their office.  She's shipping it overnight to us.  It would be awesome if I received it early enough in the day to be able to get our I800 sent off, but we'll see. 

I'm so excited!!  Chi*na now views us as Evie's parents!  We just have to fill out a few more forms, wait for visas and paperwork to be delivered to Guang*zhou, get travel approval, and we're outta here!!! 

We love you, Evangeline!!!  We're coming as fast as we can!!