Saturday, May 9, 2015

You Can Be Her Missing Piece

We just started our 2nd fundraiser...The Missing Piece.  I got the idea for this from other families going through adoption, and thought it was so cute and would be a great thing for Evie to have in the future!  I can imagine sitting down with her, pointing out every single person who helped bring her home.  Telling her about everyone who loved her before they even met her, everyone who gave of their resources to get her into the arms of her forever family.  What an amazing day that will be!

Here's the info from our You Caring site:
We are launching our current fundraiser: "The Missing Piece".  Truly, Evangeline is the missing piece to our family.  Mike and I talk about her all the time and how we can't help but already feel her absence in our home and how desperately we want these rooms filled with her love and her laughter.  
We purchased a 100 piece puzzle that we will hang in her room when she is home.   The puzzle is a picture of a panda bear...we call Evie our little panda! :)

For each puzzle piece you sponsor, your name (or anything else you may want) will be written on the back of that piece/pieces.  We will hang the puzzle in a double sided glass frame so that all the names are exposed.  Can you even begin to imagine how precious this will be to Evie as she gets older?  She will have tangible evidence of the body of Christ working to bring her home.  There isn't a price tag for that type of eternal impact.
Each piece has a corresponding amount.  Example, piece 1 is $1.00, piece 12 is $12.00, piece 94 is $94.00 and so on.  When this puzzle is complete, we will have raised about $5,000.00!
We have so many family and friends that have already come along side of us to offer prayers, support, monetary gifts, and words of love.  We would love for you to be a part of this journey we are on.
If you are interested in purchasing a piece, click here to go to our You Caring site!!  All the info on how to participate will be there!

Adoption is expensive.  There are fees for everything you could possibly think of.   The financial aspect alone is the main thing that deters most families from adopting.  To see a bill of $35,000+ staring you in the face is intimidating.  Like most families, we don't just have that kind of money lying around.  We aren't rich by any stretch of the imagination.  Well, we are rich, but not because of how much money is in our bank account.  We have each other, we have love, and we have our family and friends.  More importantly, we have Jesus Christ.  He owns it all, and I know He's not worried about how we're going to afford this.  He already knows.  He put this desire and this passion in our hearts and He will see it fulfilled.  He is writing a beautiful story for our family, and that includes Evangeline.  This precious life that God has created is worth more than all the money in the world.    He is writing her story. And it will be amazing.

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